Monday, March 24, 2014

Post Psychology Fair

Psychology Fair infused with a lot of technology was a huge success!
  • We expected 1490 students to come to the fair. 
  • We had 3527 QR code scans.  Not as many as we hoped but a great start for our first year. 
  • We had 4834 Google form entries used at different booths. 
  • We had 872 paper surveys given.  This is way down from previous years which equates to a huge paper savings.   We are estimating that we saved around 8,000 sheets of paper this year.  We are looking to improve next year, our goal being 0 sheets of paper used.  
 Here are the numbers to pull this off:
  • 30 Chromebooks
  • 30 laptops
  • 18 iPhones
  • 29 separate QR codes.  1 for each experiment.  

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