Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

What is a Script? - A script is a piece of software you can add to the Chrome Web Browser that will hopefully make something in your life easier.

How do I find these Scripts?  The Chrome Web Store Most are free

Below is a list of some of my favorite Chrome Extensions:
  • Read Comfortably - This allows you to do three different things when viewing a web page.  
    • First it will take a web page and strip it of its ads and clutter and change the text into a cleaner more readable copy.  I love using this with my students.  If I find a newspaper article I can run it through this script before sharing it with my students.  
    • Second it will take a web page and save it for reading at a later time.
    • Third it will take a webpage and send it to your Kindle for reading at a later time.
  • WatchDoc - Watch Doc allows me to keep tabs on my shared folder in Google Drive.  When I open Chrome it updates me on what files have changed that I have share with people.
  • Diigo - Social Book Marking - Diigo allows you do so many things.  In is simpilist form it allows you to keep your bookmarks in the cloud.  If you are feeling a little more advanterous you could do the following:
    • Use it for exploration of what others are bookmarking.  Since it is a Social Bookmarking site this means that you can search what others are bookmarking.
    • Share bookmark folders - Very helpful as a teacher.  I can setup folders in my bookmarks and share that folder out.  Ex. Psychology 1 folder of all websites that my students will need to visit this semester.  Share this out to all my students an now they have all my bookmarks.  The nice thing is that as the semester moves forward and I decide to change link it will also change in their bookmarks.
    • Sharing and Annotate - Diigo also allows you to take a website and email, tweet it, or annotate it and save it as a PDF.
  • URL Shortner - Simple Script.  Ever have a URL that you want to share but it is way to long?  Click this script and it will shorten the URL to a more manageable length.  
  • SplitScreen - This script allows you to split one webpage into two.  If you are working on a Windows based computer I see no purpose in using this.  If you are working on a Chromebook or a device with a small screen this is very usefull.
  • Awesome Screen Shot Capture - Similar to Windows Snipit Tool.  This Script allows you to Screen capture whole webpage or portions.  It then allows you to annotate over what you have captured.  

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