Monday, January 13, 2014

Google Integration for iPad

Google Integration with iPads

One of the biggest things I focused on when preparing lessons for the 1:1 devices was making sure that all assignments could be replicated on both the iPads and the Chromebooks.  For the most part I held true to this.  Google Apps Suite really was the lynch pin that helped to make this happen.  

iTunes offers a free Google Drive app for the iPad.  There are some limitations to this app as it does not do everything you can do on a regular desktop, but for the most part it was a very effective and efficient means for handing out documents to students, mini assignments and for handling workflow for handing in assignments.

The biggest hurdle to tackle with Google apps is how to keep kids organized and how to quickly handout assignments to the class and collect them back.  Two Google Scripts helped to tackle this problem.

The first is gClassRoster  This allows me to quickly create and share folders for each of my students.  Here is a video to help explain how it is used:

The second is Doctopus  This script allows me to quickly share files with each student.  The nice thing about Doctopus is that I can revoke editing rights when it comes time for grading the assignments.  I can mark up the assignment and email out graded work all from within the script.  Here is a video to help explain how it is used:

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