Monday, January 13, 2014

First Day with Chromebooks

My first impressions of the Chromebooks is that I am disappointed with the touch pads.  They do not seem very responsive.  I introduced the Chromebooks to my Psychology 2 classes.  These students had the pleasure of working with the iPads first semester.  They are very disappointed that they no longer have iPads.  I spent most of the period talking up the pluses of the Chromebooks and how these will be able to help us do a lot of the same things as the iPads just a little different.

One thing the students brought to my attention was that the Chromebooks are not as similar in setup as the iPads.  Even though students could customize the layout of the home screen on the iPads, I as the teacher could over write these settings by plugging them into the MacPro and over writing their settings.  With the Chromebooks each student will need to setup their profile how I want with the layout I want for quicker management.

I'm looking for quick buy in over the next week so that we can get past the device and into what the device can do for us.  

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